About us

Wouldn’t it be cool to swap houses like playing cards? To jump up the property ladder, one NFT at a time, or pull cash out of your own home without begging a bank? We thought so and NFTY was born!


Owning a home is becoming less affordable for each generation. It’s a global challenge, and we’re meeting it head on.

Through fractionalised ownership (breaking a big asset up and selling the pieces) members can own as many parts of a property as they want, or can afford. No need to mortgage, no need to panic.

Why not cover your bases and start with a single share of a property near you, and the next on the other side of the world? Try a residential buy, with a piece of a factory or hotel to cover the commercial market as well. You call the shots.


Oh, and did we mention the lawyers and estate agents? There aren’t any!

Low fees, global access and instant ownership. That’s what we wanted, so we made it… NFTY!