Convertible Note Offer

The world is becoming more digital, and many industries are moving online to make things easier for consumers. The real estate industry is no exception. nfty is the world’s first fully digital real estate marketplace, designed with speed and security in mind. nfty wants to make buying and selling real estate as simple as using Uber for transportation or AirBNB for holiday accommodation.

nfty offers fractional ownership of properties, with each share of a property represented digitally by an NFT, or non-fungible token. This means that ownership of the property can be divided into smaller shares, allowing more people to invest in real estate. nfty’s platform allows for secure and fast property trading, cutting down transaction times from months to minutes.

To complete the launch of their platform, nfty is raising the final €500,000 required through the issuance of convertible notes. A convertible note is a type of debt instrument that can be converted into equity at a later stage. In other words, investors who purchase the convertible note have the option to convert their investment into shares of nfty at a preferential rate in the future.

Of the €500,000 that nfty is raising in this early seed round, €100,000 will be used to pay regulatory fees and complete the necessary regulatory processes required to be licensed. This regulatory compliance is an important step for nfty as it further demonstrates a commitment to operating within the legal frameworks and protections for investors.

The remaining €400,000 will be used to purchase two freehold, entry-level family homes in the UK. These properties will be listed as “verified” on the nfty platform, meaning that nfty owns them outright and can offer them for sale immediately. Verified listings offer nfty a margin on the listing price, as well as the normal trading fee income that is part of their core business model.

Investors who purchase the convertible note will receive a fixed return of either 12% per annum for 12 months, or 15% per annum for 24 months.

Interest is paid monthly, directly to the investor. At the end of the term, investors have the option to either receive their capital back or convert it into equity in nfty at preferential rates.

nfty has already received millions of Euros in stakeholder funding, and has spent over two years perfecting their blockchain technology, which is now deployed on their marketplace, This presents a unique opportunity for investors to participate in a significant launch at an entry-level investment.

To participate in this offering, the minimum investment required is €5,000, with a maximum investment limit of €50,000 per investor. The offer is open to qualified wholesale investors only and will close no later than the 31st of May.

nfty is offering a unique investment opportunity for those interested in the real estate industry and the potential of blockchain technology.

The convertible note offers a fixed return, with the option to convert to equity in nfty at preferential rates. With the launch of their platform imminent, investors have the opportunity to participate in the growth of nfty as they revolutionize the real estate industry.

To learn more about why we feel so passionately that its time for the real estate industry to get updated, and how we plan on doing that, take a look at our White Paper by clicking the link below.