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17 Bedroom Hotel

  • Total NFTs: 68
  • €16,425 p.a. income per NFT
  • ROI under 2 years
  • Fully Managed

Project Value:

€2.3 M

Target Return: 100%
Open for Pledging

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain

Why Fractional Property?

Our members can buy property in minutes. Not months. Buy a piece to get started. Or the whole house and go deep, it's up to you.

Puzzle House Mobile

First home buyer? Experienced investor? We know it can be a real puzzle finding the right property at the right time, or raising enough capital to buy it.

By fractionalising property, or breaking it up in to bite size pieces, we’re making global property accessible to all. Using new tech, to fix old problems.

Cashflow4Crypto TM

Monthly, or quarterly payments can be sent automatically, as part of your NFTY Smart Contract. Delivered on time, where you need it the most.

With instant processing, and some of the lowest fees on the planet, NFTY uses the Cardano network to save you time and money. Delivering your Cashflow4Crypto where you need it the most - a secure, private, digital wallet.

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Real Estate Just Got nfty

Join us. At nfty, members tokenise and monetise their biggest minutes


Buy and sell part, or all of property,
for a fraction of the traditional


Trade property in seconds.
Not months.


Access a truly global market, test
markets with a single token per
property, city, or even country.
Spread risk. Spread return.

How nfty is That!

Monthly Passive

Any income you make from your property is paid monthly to your wallet.

Access global

Invest globally, balance your portfolio by buying in a number of global markets. When it’s time to sell, get access to millions of buyers around the world.

Low entry

Get started with small amounts of capital, jumping on the property ladder has never been easier!


Optimize your portfolio and minimise tax obligations, use smart strategies in markets that are structured to reduce tax liabilities.


At nfty you save thousands on traditional fees like legal, conveyancing, listing and marketing fees.


Buy property in minutes, not months! Get the good deals instantly - without the traditional delays associated with all the middlemen.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is it safe?

  • How Secure are NFTs?

  • Are the listings verified?

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  • What is “Cashflow4Crypto”?

Top 5 nfty Markets by Capital
Gains 2021-2022

  • UK 14%
  • Germany 14.86%
  • Ireland 16.6%
  • Estonia 25.7%
  • Australia 28.74%

For Grown Up’s.

Build your own property portfolio. Half a house, or a whole hotel.
We’re tokenising everything from hotel rooms to storage space. Why
not join us and play for keeps?

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